Steering wheel with a TowGo® steering sensor

Steering From The Bottom to Backup Your Trailer Doesn’t Work

by Dan Shepard

Steering from the bottom of the steering wheel only addresses one issue. Here’s what is really going on.

Animation of vehicle backing up with a trailer

Backing Up While Turning

by Dan Shepard

You can backup around a curve. You can even backup in a never ending circle. Here’s how.

Vehicle and trailer on serpentine path

Why Can’t I Backup Straight?

by Dan Shepard

Some people can make it look easy, but if you’re trying to back your trailer up in a straight line, here is why that is not possible.

Vehicle backing up with a log splitter

Backing Up A Short Trailer

by Dan Shepard

Backing up can be difficult. Backing up a short trailer is even more difficult. Here is the reason why.