Why TowGo®

Starting an outing with a bad backup event spoils the mood of the day.
Ending an outing with a bad backup experience spoils the memory of the day.

A trailer backup accident can cause costly damage.
A trailer backup incident can even hurt your relationship.

But now, anyone can backup with a trailer.
First time. Every time.

With TowGo®, you will be able to backup straight, around a curve, or even do a 90° turn. Now you can be the master backer you've always wanted to be.

Get TowGo before you go tow.

  • Steering Wheel Sensor

    A Steer Sensor that easily attaches to your steering wheel.

  • Trailer Hitch Sensor

    A Hitch Sensor that connects between your trailer coupler and your hitch receiver.

  • TowGo® App for Your Smartphone or Tablet

    An App for your Android® or iOS® device that lets you know when and how much to steer.

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TowGo in action:

  • Passion

    We love our customers and we have witnessed the distress backing up can cause. We work very hard to make you happy. This passion goes into our product so you can Tell Your Trailer Where To Go®!

  • State of the Art Technology

    TowGo's technology is protected by one or more of the following patents: US11623483, US11465680, US10214241, US10065677, US10046613, US9694850, US9926009, US9132856, US7715953, CA2897169, CA2783664 (multiple additional patents pending).

  • How To Videos

    A picture says 1,000 words. Ergo, a one minute video says 1,800,000. Check out our other videos on use, operation, and installation.