5th Wheel Install - 14

With your sensor mounted, you must next install the T-Bracket for anchoring the stretch cord. Most pickup trucks have openings in the rail of the truck bed. Here, the T-Bracket is screwed onto the end of a piece of 2×3 (1½” by 2½”) or whatever fits perfectly into one of these openings in your truck. To determine the length of the 2×3, first measure from from the bottom of the truck bed to the swing arm of the installed sensor. Insert a 2×3 into the opening closest to the front corner of the truck bed rail that is on the same side of the truck as the sensor. Measuring from the bottom of the truck bed, mark the 2×3 so you can cut its end to be 3½” lower than the swing arm. Secure the T-Bracket onto the end of the cut 2×3. Secure the 2×3 in the opening from the side with a screw.
The Mounted T-Bracket