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What is TowGo's

Backing Aid for Trailering?

TowGo™ finally solves the problem of trailering that's existed since the day the trailer was invented. TowGo™ has created its Backing Aid for Trailering (BAT) - an automotive aid that helps drivers precisely backup their trailers. BAT removes the guess work of which way and how much to turn the steering wheel and prevents jackknifing by warning you when you are about to do so.

This revolutionary aid saves you time, frustration and embarrassment... and it can even save you money since it costs less than many insurance deductibles. Now you can backup your travel trailer, camper, boat trailer, horse trailer, RV, Airstream, ATV, jet ski or other watercraft trailer safely and easily. And as a bonus, BAT is discreet so no one has to know you're using it!

The Backing Aid for Trailering

What will I get?

Steering Module

The steering module straps to your steering wheel and determines your vehicle's turning radius.

Hitch Angle Module

The hitch module is attached to your trailer and calculates the angle at the trailer hitch.

Guidance Display App

The App runs on your Android smartphone or tablet to show you where your trailer will go.
(iOS version in development)

Make Your Towing Less Stressful.

TowGo's Backing Aid for Trailering will be available soon!

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